How to get there

Trip to Paros

The journey will be organized and booked by the participants. Here are important informations for your service. We can help you, if you have any further questions, but any travel agency can also book your trip to Paros.

The seminar starts on 2nd October at 9 am at Tao’s. Please take enough time, to have a relaxed trip.


Flights to Athens are operated by all major airlines. The prices differ al lot, depending from where you start. If you fly from London, you might get a flight to Athens for about 100 Euros, but it will be more, if you come from the United States.

From Athens you can take a flight to Paros

From the UK there are quite some flights to Mykonos (Easy Jet and many others). It can be much faster and easier to fly to Mykonos and take a ferry boat from there.

Ferry boat

Or you go by ferry boat from Piraeus. The trip by boat will take about 4 hours.

From the airport to the harbor

You have to plan enough time for the drive to the harbor of Piraeus and for the check-in on the boat (start from the airport at least 2 hours before the boat is leaving). A Taxi will be 50 Euros to the harbor and 35 Euros to the center of Athens. Bus and Metro are much cheaper.

A stay in Athens on your trip is a nice opportunity to see the old town (Plaka) or the Acropolis and many museums. To do this, you should take at least one whole day and plan one night in Athens.

Hotels in the center of Athens

Centrotel Athen

Attalos Hotel

Hotels in Piraeus

If you want to take an early ferry boat, it is better to stay in Piraeus. These hotels are just a walk from the ferry boat.

Piraeus Dream City Hotel

Theoxenia Hotel

Tansfer from Paros airport or harbor to the hotel:

The retreat center Tao’s will organize a shuttle if enough participants arrive at the same time. Or you can order a Taxi or rented car, which will wait for you at the harbor or airport upon your arrival. Please tell us at registration, if you wish to have this service.

Registration for the retreat